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I just wanna cuddle and make out tbh

Me too.

I seriously feel like it’s me against the world. Everywhere I turn I’m misunderstood. Everyone assumes things about me instead of asking. No I don’t always have an attitude, sometimes I’m just really sad. I have to compartmentalize my emotions, and sometimes they get the best of me. I listen to all my friends and family and let them vent and honestly try to give good advice. Yet that is never reciprocated to me. Mainly because they’re judging me just like everyone else. It’s always “she has an attitude today Ima leave her alone” instead of “what’s going on with my friend that has her emotions going up and down? Let me go ask her. And if she doesn’t want to talk right now, let me remind her that I’m always here.” Im just emotionally exhausted, from everyone else and their problems that I don’t have much room for my own. I just have to find my peace of mind. And the only thing that can bring me peace is God. I

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Guilty lol

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Usher did not write Confessions for y’all to still be having side chicks



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